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Tell Your Story

The Experience

If you love to write you are already an author. Now it's time to let the world know

As an Author. I remember my experience of creating my first book. I had so many questions. Now I have some experience under my belt. I want to share what I've learned.

How it Works

How it Works

Step 01

Have a Conversation

You are making a bold move to have your story told. Let's talk it through so you can share your thoughts and ideas. We will talk details about the story you want to be told.

Step 02

Write it.

Many times we have a story to tell but nothing written. We can work magic but not without a written story. This doesn't need to be perfect but typed nonetheless.  We can work with any format.

Step 03

Editing your story

The editing process will include format, cover design, and grammar check. No worries here nothing is printed until you think it's perfect.

Step 04

Time to Print

The printing process usually takes 5 to 10 business days. You are now a published author.

Design Book


Premium Packages

“Reading brings us unknown friends” All packages can be cutom.


  • 1 - 6x9 book

  •         (max 200 pages) 

  • 1 -  ISBN

  • 1 - Copyright

  • 1 - Basic Cover *

  • 10 Copies

  • 50% Royalties

Starting at $999


  • 1 - 6x9 book

  •         (max 250 pages) 

  • 2 -  ISBN

  • 1 - Copyright

  • 1 - Design Cover *

  • 25 Copies

  • 1 - Ebook

  • 2 wk. Web Premier

  • 50% Royalties

Starting at $1700


  • 1 - 6x9 book

  •         (max 300 pages) 

  • 2 -  ISBN

  • 1 - Copyright

  • 1 - Design Cover *

  • 50 Copies

  • 1 - Ebook

  • 1 mo. Web Premier

  • 50% Royalties

Starting at $2500

À la carte


More Pages

The page count of a book helps us understand what the printer cost will be.

Pages  (pp)

  25 pp - $25.00

  50 pp - $50.00

 100 pp - $75.00


Book Sizes

The average book size is 5 x 8 for a small paperback, 6 x 9 for a softcover, and 7 x 9 for a portrait or children's book.  However, any size can be created for a higher price

Book Size* - $100.00 and up


More Services

Copy Rights - $100.00

Editor - $300.00

E-book Only - $100.00

ISBNs - $100.00 ea.

Book Design -$200.00

Art Work - Negotiable

Vintage Typewriter


Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

  • How much will this cost me?
    Your package selection will determine the overall cost of your project. Please review our website for package options and A 'la carte items.
  • How long does my book need to be?
    For your eBook-only project, you can choose as few as 2 pages for your book. For your printed book, you need at least 24 pages. A minimum of 24 pages in order to bind the book. This applies to both soft cover and hard cover books. If you are close to 24 pages, you might consider adding more content, such as a Title page, Copyright page, and/or Dedication page. Children's books can often gain pages by adding some extra art or colored/patterned pages at the front and back of the book. Another option is to simply add blank pages to the back of your book. For example, if you are at 21 pages, your printed book could have a blank page 22, 23 and 24 added to it.
  • How long does the process take?
    The overall process can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. Each project will differ.
  • Do you offer Audible Book Services
    At this time we only offer print or e-books.
  • What about Royalties?
    We offer 50% in royalties for every book sold. However, after one year of being published. You will receive a 10% increase after every year after.
  • Will my book have Copy Rights
    Yes! Your book will be registered at the copy rights office, which is included in your package. Or you can purchase as an A 'la carte item and we register for you. Please see website for pricing.
  • Do you offer marketing services?
    We offer marketing through our website via an Author Page. Depending on which package you choose, we will create a small brochure surrounding your book message. We also work with you to participate in a book signing.
  • Will there be a contract?
    Yes! Of Course. A contract will be signed by all parties and given to protect the client and Dwightfully Written.
  • Do I need to purchase my own ISBN?
    You can if you like or you can let us take care of that. We offer that as a service with one of our packages or an A' la carte item. Please see website for pricing.

Let's Get You Published

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